Hoya Ambassador Ammon Cluff | Hoya Filter USA
  • Monument Valley - Hoya Polarizer
  • NYC Park Bench - Hoya ND filter
  • One World Trace Center in the fall - Hoya circular polarizer
  • Oregon Coast in the fog - Hoya neutral density
  • Rockefeller Center iPhone Reflection - Hoya Polarizer
  • Sunset on Oregon Coast - Hoya ND filter
  • Utah Pine trees in the fall - Hoya filter
  • New York City wet Street reflections using a Hoya polarizer
Photographer Ammon Cluff Hoya Ambassador

I’m Ammon Cluff. I’m ambitious in a lot of things such as photography, videography, podcasting, and education. I started Ammon Cluff Creative in early 2018 and have developed a unique skill for “texture videos” as I like to call them. My passion began in landscape photography but has quickly expanded into much more. I’ve photographed and filmed everything from yoga classes, to log trucks, and most everything else in between. I love the challenge of constantly shooting new subject matter and learning about new industries other than my own.   My next endeavor is to focus on educating others through the medium of podcasting and video. I want to help others learn about photography and videography, but also encourage them to pursue their passions and dreams. I’m a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and working for yourself, so I’d love to help others achieve that ability if it’s something they desire.


  • Photographer Ammon Cluff Hoya Ambassador

    Solas Variable NDX - ND2.5 to ND450

    Prices starting at $329.90

  • Photographer Ammon Cluff Hoya Ambassador

    HD3 Circular HRT Polarizer

    Prices starting at $98.90

  • Photographer Ammon Cluff Hoya Ambassador

    Solas IRND Neutral Density

    Prices starting at $48.90