• Braden Wahr shot for Snowboarder Magazine in the backcountry of Breckenridge, Colorado.
  • Brian Grubb Wakeboard
  • Dominik Herneler - Roxin Wakeboards
  • Harley Clifford for Oakley Glasses
  • Jeff Langley for Malibu Boats
  • Transworld Wakeboarding
  • Lolo Jones for Redbull
  • Maria Salgado - Portrait
  • Sandbech for NBC
  • Malibu Boats 2015 LXR on Lake
Chris Garrison Photographer

Chris Garrison is a photographer you can find somewhere between Gate C35 and the rental car line. Spending most of his year traveling with more checked baggage than an average family of 12; he loves coming back home (Orlando, FL) to his wife Jane and golden retriever Henry James. Chris grew an addiction to white sand and blue water from growing up in Naples, FL, where he actually met his then future wife. So when Jane and Chris are not spending time on their lake with Henry James, you can find them hidden away between the Caribbean and Mediterranean.


  • Chris Garrison Photographer

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