Hoya Ambassador Chun Chau | Hoya Filter USA
  • Ocean wave photographed using Hoya circular polarizer
  • surfer at sunset photographed using Hoya polarizer
  • sea turtle photographed using Hoya UV filter
  • dolphins photographed with Hoya EVO UV filter
  • Pacific ocean photographed using Hoya Solas ND
  • Hawaiian sky photographed using NXT plus UV
  • Honolulu Skyline photographed using a Hoya EVO polarizer
  • Elephant photographed with a Hoya HD3 polarizer
  • sandy beach and ocean foam
Hoya ambassador Chun Chau from Hawaii

Chau is landscape and nature photographer who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is originally from Hong Kong and moved to the island in 2012, shortly after which he decided to make underwater as well as landscape photography his passion. After getting a chance to interact with these animals up-close and personal underwater, he quickly learned their behaviors and has done his best to spread awareness of these creatures on his social media. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in paradise. Chau has made it his goal to inspire and bring smiles to whoever comes across his images. He wants to make it possible for everyone to be inspired by the unique nature as well as creatures who call Hawaii their home, just like it inspired him. And for people who cannot visit Hawaii and see it for their own eyes, he shares his images with you in hopes of spreading awareness to your hearts.


  • Hoya ambassador Chun Chau from Hawaii

    EVO Antistatic Circular Polarizer

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  • Hoya ambassador Chun Chau from Hawaii

    EVO Antistatic UV

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  • Hoya ambassador Chun Chau from Hawaii

    Solas IRND Neutral Density

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