Heather Long Outdoor & Landscape Photographer | Hoya Filter USA
  • Zion National Park
  • Lonely road
  • Hoya Filter Example
  • Hoya Filter Example
  • California Coast
  • Hoya Filter Example
  • Wharaiki Beach, New Zealand
  • Wharariki Beach, New Zealand
  • Lighthouse Photo
  • North Island, New Zealand
  • Photo of dock
Hoya Ambassador Heather Long

Heather Long is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer who delivers imaginative and artistic solutions to communication and photography projects for more than 15 years. She has a BFA from Kutztown University, specializing in photography and communication arts. Heather founded her own creative firm and works from her studios in the Washington DC, Metro Area and Central Florida. She has received much acclaim for being innovative and creative, with an eye for storytelling. Specializing in outdoor, travel, and landscape photography, she helps brands develop unique ways to tell their stories.


  • Hoya Ambassador Heather Long

    HD3 Circular HRT Polarizer

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  • Hoya Ambassador Heather Long

    HD3 UV Filter

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  • Hoya Ambassador Heather Long

    HMC YA3 - Orange

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