Hoya Ambassador Zak Stone | Hoya Filter USA

Zak Stone is a self taught, award winning photographer from Salem Oregon.  What drove Zak to explore and travel around his home state of Oregon was something that his parents gave him as a child- the love of camping, hunting, and fishing in the great outdoors. When he got older he wanted focus on wake boarding and wake skating.  He even lived in FL for 3 years where riding on the water was his release, his recharge in life.  He moved back to Oregon to continue following his passion of wake boarding and wake skating. But after getting hurt a few too many times, he rediscovered his love for the great outdoors, while trying to rehab his knee and foot, by hiking around some old places his dad took him as a kid.  He would bring his Go Pro and iPhone with him to document the hike and that’s when he found a new way to recharge his soul. Zak never knew he’d love it so much that it would change his life completely. Zak’s love for photography grew even more when he got into astrophotography.  He even got a photo he captured of the ISS tweeted from the space station.  This really launched his love of photographing the stars.  He’s now a full-time landscape photographer and content creator for local and national brands.  You can always find him in the wild forest of Oregon or with his wife and 3 kids.


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