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Digital Infrared Photography: What to Shoot For

Hello! I’m Matthew Stuart Piper, Hoya’s new Infrared Ambassador, and this will be the first of a number of blogs on using Hoya’s R72 infrared (IR) filter. I’ll be starting out with basics and working up to more advanced content, so if the first few blogs are too rudimentary for you, just hang in there! […]

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EARTH DAY SPOTLIGHT: Ansel Adams, a history of inspiration and conservation

The acclaimed photographer and conservationist Ansel Adams was one of the first photographers to recognize the importance of preserving the beautiful places he photographed. Adams often credited Sierra Club president John Muir as an inspiration, and his amazing photographs are often paired with Muir’s writings. One of Adams’ first photography books was Yosemite and the […]

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Polarizing Filters: What are they and
why you should use them?

What is a polarizing filter and what does it do? A polarizing filter removes light that has been reflected in the scene you are trying to shoot. For example, sun or light glare off a lake or remove glare from a car window. By modifying the reflected light through the polarizing filter it allows a […]

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It’s Fall Y’all!
Time to plan your fall color trips and gear!

It’s September, our favorite time of year for landscapes far and near.  The creative opportunities are endless in autumn with the beautiful gold, crimson and orange peppered backdrops nature provides. Capturing fall color may seem easy, but creating a stunning image requires more than a quick snap of the shutter. Photos by Michael Ryan The […]

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Isolating the Moment: Using the IRND Filter

A group of friends and I decided to photograph sunset at the Wrights-Ferry Bridge located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  This was my first time seeing this bridge, and I was instantly impressed by its size and graphical elements.  I knew I wanted to isolate the bridge in a black and white presentation helping to eliminate the […]

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Joshua Tree Astrophotography

Video Tutorial: Cut light pollution like a knife

  “The Intensifier cuts through light pollution like a knife! A great tool to have for any photographer interested in capturing the beauty of the night sky.” ~ Stan Moniz, Hoya ambassador   Good stuff from ambassador Stan Moniz!  In his video he explains how the Hoya Intensifier works and how it can quickly help you […]

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Zion National Park

Responsible Photography

By Heather Long | Heather Long Photography & Hoya Ambassador Sustainability. It is a word that is regularly introduced when discussing our environment, our way of life, even the way we create our artwork. As a photographer, we are always thinking about the sustainability of our work, whether our captured moments will last the test […]

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Death Valley by Hudson Henry

My 48 hours with Hudson Henry

I spent a weekend in Death Valley with photographer and Hoya brand ambassador Hudson Henry and it was awesome! Hudson had just finished a climb of Mt. Whitney, which took him from the highest peak in the lower 48 to the Western Hemisphere’s lowest depression. His was a journey of extremes, but there is nothing […]

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Hoya Secrets to Success

5 Secrets to Success in Landscape Photography

What do you want to accomplish with your photography business? Hoya ambassador Heather Long provides the insights to five techniques that could potentially help you achieve success in your landscape photography future.

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