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Hoya Hawaii Photography

Rediscovering the Joy of Shooting Film

“I love the look of film.  I like the grain, the light leaks, and the imperfections.”   A conversation about shooting film with Mike Caputo, film enthusiast and Hoya user   When did you first get into photography? I’ve always had an interest in photography. Most of my memories are in photo albums taken with […]

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Ultimate Photographers Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Unique holiday gifts we love and use from inexpensive accessories to high-tech gadgets! We’ve got you covered with our selection of holiday gifts we love and use everyday! You’ll love and use them all year long! SLIK MINI PRO V $29.95 Photographers are always asking themselves? “Should I bring a tripod with me.” They are big, […]

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Polarizing Filters: What are they and
why you should use them?

What is a polarizing filter and what does it do? A polarizing filter removes light that has been reflected in the scene you are trying to shoot. For example, sun or light glare off a lake or remove glare from a car window. By modifying the reflected light through the polarizing filter it allows a […]

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Joshua Tree Astrophotography

Video Tutorial: Cut light pollution like a knife

  “The Intensifier cuts through light pollution like a knife! A great tool to have for any photographer interested in capturing the beauty of the night sky.” ~ Stan Moniz, Hoya ambassador   Good stuff from ambassador Stan Moniz!  In his video he explains how the Hoya Intensifier works and how it can quickly help you […]

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ON1 Spring into Summer

Hoya partners with ON1

Hoya Filter USA is excited to be an official sponsor of the ON1 Spring into Summer Event! It’s all about helping photographers with their editing process by providing easy to follow videos, practice files, and presets. That’s not it though. Some great companies and people in the photography industry have teamed up to provide additional benefits and bonuses on products and services you will love.

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