HMC YA3 - Orange

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HMC YA3 - Orange

  • Built for black and white photography
  • Creates separation and tonal contrast between the sky, clouds, and foliage
  • All-around landscape filter that splits the difference between 25A Red and K2 Yellow
  • Six layers of HMC multi-coating


  • The Hoya YA3 Orange filter is built for black and white photography. It increases the contrast between reds and yellows. This is especially helpful for distant outdoor shots taken with a telephoto lens.

    For Color Photography: While this filter was designed for black & white photography, it can be used with color film to produce specific color effects. The YA3 is particularly useful in color landscape photography.

    HOYA Multi-Coat (HMC) filters are recommended for enhancing the performance of today’s multicoated lenses. These popular filters minimize reflection, reduce flare and ghosting, and result in over 97% average light transmission.

  • Filter Factor: 1 1/3 stops
    Glass Type: Hoya Optical
    Number of Multi-Coatings: 6 layers / 3 per side
    Hardened Top Layer: No
    Anti-Static: No
    Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
    Front Filter Threads: Yes

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