Cut Light Pollution Like A Knife with the Hoya Intensifer

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May 26, 2017

Video Tutorial: Cut light pollution like a knife

Joshua Tree Astrophotography

  “The Intensifier cuts through light pollution like a knife! A great tool to have for any photographer interested in capturing the beauty of the night sky.”
~ Stan Moniz, Hoya ambassador


Good stuff from ambassador Stan Moniz!  In his video he explains how the Hoya Intensifier works and how it can quickly help you capture cleaner and more beautiful images of the night sky.

Stan has personally been using the Intensifier for more than two years yielding excellent results! The intensifier is what Stan would call his SECRET weapon, without a doubt.

The Intensifier has recently gained popularity because it not only increases saturation in reds, it also suppresses a color band that sodium vapor lights emit. These are commonly found in city lights, and as any night photographer knows, street lights are the most common form of light pollution. Watch the video to learn more about Stan’s process. Then check out the images below to see the difference in his final edits.



without the Intensifier

with the Intensifier

Final edit in LightRoom

Get out there! The skies are waiting!