Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson is a landscape and extreme weather photographer based in Houston, Texas who started his photography career shooting guitar products for his nationally award-winning guitar store.  Also, as a founder of a startup engineering firm, he used his photography and marketing skills to promote the business growth that led to his business acquisition.  Today he shoots for and contributes to the official Houston, Texas visitors guides and is a published and avid storm chaser. 

Adam started taking photos in the 1990’s with film photography of landscapes in the American Southwest with his Canon A-1 and Minolta Maxxum cameras.  He primarily shot Fuji Velvia slides and would have photo parties projecting them on the wall with friends and family.  He transitioned into full frame digital photography in the early 2010s to take product photography for his multiple businesses.  As he travelled for business, he eventually started capturing everything from thunderstorms to astrophotography. 

Adam find’s the thrill of the chase exhilarating.  He’s found that whether it be thunderstorms, dramatic landscapes, or distant galaxies, there is always some kind of learning curve and chase involved with capturing a magical scene. Photography is his inspiration to continue learning and striving to find the shots and perspectives of something he’s never seen before.  Photography for Adam always means chasing. 

Landscape photography serves two purposes for Adam.  First, the most serene landscapes often coincide with the darkest skies.  So, when shooting beautiful mountains by day, the foreground is then planned for Milky Way and deep space astrophotography at night essentially giving 24 hours of photography options to choose from including sunrise, sunset, and Milky Way.  Also, being in and around beautiful landscapes during storm chasing season provides the ultimate backdrop for that perfect lightning bolt or supercell thunderstorms. 

Adam likes to capture different perspectives through compression photography using longer focal length lenses and cropping.  For example, instead of a wide angle shot of a thunderstorm, he captures a lightning bolt at 200mm to get an up close and personal view of something unexpected.  A vast majority of Adam’s photography is built around these concepts.  Finding the frame and crop while using Hoya filters to optimize and control the exposure, glare, and color contrast.