What It Does

Create Dramatic Impact with Star Filters
Star filters are dramatic multi-point light flares or rays of light also know as a “star effect” to bright or strong point light sources in a scene. It also gives a slight soft focus effect. They are great for Street lamps at night or for photographs of jewelry or other objects with strong specular highlights or reflections. Star 4  Star 8 When the filter is rotated the rays turn with the filter so the photographer can control the look of the final image. Star filters come in 3 different varieties, one is a Cross Screen also known as a Star 4, a Star 6 and a Star 8, they have 4, 6 or 8 ray emanating from the light source.

How It Works

Hoya Star filters are high-quality glass filters that have lines etched in the surface of the glass to create the flare needed to create the star effect. Each of the filters, Cross Screen, Star 6 and Star 8 have patterns of lines etched in the glass to create the number of rays of light for the filter.