Gregg Jaden

Gregg Jaden

Gregg Jaden started out as an Ad Agency Exec with passion for the creative process. He is an established photographer, storyteller and explorer. Gregg's ability to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities has helped him work with some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 brands.

Through social media channels his team has been able to share with millions of people to demonstrate unique perspectives of timeless visuals for clients. Located in Manhattan Beach CA and the founder of an award winning digital agency, he started working with top brands in their digital marketing and creative initiatives. Gregg has led many high converting campaigns, travel video campaigns and product sales conversion campaigns for many brands through social media, digital marketing and travel visuals to tell compelling stories for his clients. Jaden has a strong passion for all forms of storytelling, directing and cinematography. He works closely with organizations to protect wildlife, conservation of our oceans and spiritual transformation.

A combination of adventure, outdoor, travel and people, Jaden is known for world travel and landscapes. He invests his time on personal projects, collaborations with other photographers and exploratory ways to utilize visual elements to help our planet. His work has been featured in various magazines and online publications. He is always up for a travel adventure and usually explores some of the most exciting places to create timeless visuals. Jaden has been involved in numerous charities such as @LonelyWhale, Anthony Robbins Foundation and volunteer clean up crews after natural disasters.