Introducing: Hoya NXT Plus Filter Series

Introducing: Hoya NXT Plus Filter Series

How do you improve on Hoya’s best selling NXT filter series? Simple! Use better glass, an improved multi-coating process, more multi-coated layers for better light transmission, AND add a new “Waterproof” Top-coat to repel water quickly away from the surface which makes it easier to clean and more fun to use.

UV filters are most commonly used to protect the front of your lens. A first line of defense against scratches, rain, dirt and dust. Hoya’s NXT Plus UV is a powerful upgrade to the best-selling NXT series. Starting at $24.90 the filters are available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm and work with most camera lenses new and old.

The new UV filter applies a waterproof top coat to Schott B270 glass polished smooth for maximum sharpness. There are two advantages to having a premium waterproof coating: (1) Water beads-up quickly, and easily slides off the surface of the filter for streak-free shooting. (2) It also makes the filter a lot easier to clean when dirt, water, and smudges make their way onto the surface.

Hoya applies 10 layers of patented anti-reflection (AR) HMC multi-coatings to the NXT Plus UV filter for improved contrast, color, and sharpness. The coatings deliver a 98% light transmission so you don’t have to worry about contrast killing glare. Leaving the filter on all the time will not hurt your images and it will be your first line of defense against lens damage caused by impact, projectiles, and grimy little fingers.

The NXT Plus filter frames are precision milled from lightweight aluminum for a slim profile that makes it perfect for all lenses including super wide-angles. The frame sports full front filter threads that can accept a normal lens cap or allows you to stack additional filters like a circular polarizer or neutral density.

What else does a UV filter do?

Most photographers leave a UV filter attached to the lens all the time as a form of protection. But the filter also plays an important role in filtering through UV Haze. Not a huge problem when you are taking pictures at sea-level because most cameras offer some level of UV filtration at the sensor. But, as you hike into higher altitudes where UV levels are stronger and haze can ruin a nice composition, the filter definitely helps increase contrast and improve color. The NXT plus has a UV Cut Point of 360nm or L36 which is superior to most filters at this price point.

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NXT Plus Circular Polarizer Filter

Circular Polarizers are “the” must have filter in every photographer’s camera bag because its effects cannot be emulated or faked in post processing. The upgrades to the NXT Plus CRPL make it very exciting because we have added premium features often reserved for more expensive CRPL filters. Starting at just $47.90 the filters are available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm and work with most new and old camera lenses.

The new filter applies a premium waterproof top-coat to Hoya’s polished smooth “Clear” glass for maximum sharpness. The advantages are the same as the UV: (1) Water beads-up quickly, and easily slides off the surface of the filter. (2) It also makes the filter a lot easier to clean when dirt and smudges make their way onto the surface.

For the first time at this price point, Hoya uses 10 layers of its patented anti-reflection (AR) HMC multi-coatings so your images show improved contrast and color. The polarizing film is optical thin with a filter factor of 1.72 for faster AF and improved viewing over standard PL films. The knurled edges on the front of the filter make it easy to operate when attached to the lens. It also makes it easy to remove when it is no longer needed.


Hoya’s high quality polarized glass is mounted into a precision-milled aluminum slim frame, making it lightweight and perfect for your super wide-angle lenses. Despite the slim profile, the filter includes front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or your protective lens cap.

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What does a Polarizer do?

Polarizers do one thing: Remove Reflections. Think sunglasses for your lenses. By removing reflections, you reveal the color, texture and detail beneath. So, leaves are greener, skies are bluer, and the beautiful rocks at the bottom of that secret mountain lake are revealed.

CRPL’s are also great for removing reflections from car windows, painted surfaces, or just about any non-metallic surface. Depending on the lighting conditions the effect can be dramatic or subtle but it never hurts to pop it on and give it a try.

Circular polarizers are easy to use too. Once attached to your lens simply rotate the outer ring of the filter while looking through your viewfinder or LCD screen until you achieve the right amount of reflection control. When the colors and detail look right, take the picture.

The new NXT Plus camera filters are perfect for any photographer. Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just starting to explore what filters can do for your images, the NXT Plus UV and Circular Polarizer offer premium quality and features at an attractive price.

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