How Close-up (Macro) Filters Work

Close-Up Filter: What It Does

Get Closer Without a Macro Lens
Ever wished you could focus closer to something small so it takes up the whole picture but can’t stomach the price of a dedicated macro lens? The Hoya HMC Close-up Set II just might be your answer. Close-up filters such as the Close-up Set II consists of 3 filters that can turn most lenses into a macro style lens. The +1, +2, and +4 filters allow you to move the camera closer to the subject to achieve that magnification or close-up look associated with dedicated macro lenses. They attach to the front of the lens using the filter threads which makes them compatible with any lens that accepts front mount filters. In all of the following example photos were all taken with a Olympus 75mm F/1.8 lens. The each compares the lens at its minimum focus distance with no filter attached to being able to focus closer with each of the Hoya Close-Up Set II filters. With.Without +1 With/Without +2 With/Without +4 The Close-Up set II is a set of magnifying lenses that use a new single element optical design for improved sharpness and less distortion over the previous version. They also employ a reformulated triple-layer multi-coating to minimize reflections on the filter surface. This reduces the chance for flare and ghosting that can hurt image quality. With a transmission rate over 97.5% the filters maintain sharp contrast and well-balanced color. Each filter has dual filter threading so they can be stacked on top of each other to get even closer to your subject. The set includes 3 filters and a padded wallet for safe transport and storage.