Sepia B Filter

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Sepia B Filter

  • Produces an antique brown hue
  • Single-layer coating decreases light reflection off the surface from 9% to 4-5%
  • Outstanding resolution
  • Stronger than the Sepia A
  • The SEPIA A and B are special effect filters designed to produce a nostalgic or antique look to images. Sepia tones are spread across the entire image. The result is as if the image was taken many years ago in Black & White, having then discolored with age. To achieve the maximum effect from these filters, a digital camera’s white balance should be set to “Daylight” or a preset custom white balance. The Sepia B filter has a stronger effect than the Sepia A.


    The Sepia B filter is useful when:

    • You want the resulting image to look as if it was an old black and white image that became discolored with age.

    • You want the resulting image to have an “antique” look.

    • The Sepia A filter doesn’t provide enough discoloration.

  • Filter Factor: Specialty
    Number of Multi-Coatings: 2 layers / 1 per side
    Hardened Top Layer: No
    Anti-Static: No
    Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
    Front Filter Threads: Yes