White Mist Filter

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White Mist Filter

  • Halates direct light sources (lamps, headlights, etc...)
  • Softens overall image
  • Softens skin tones
  • Reduces contrast
  • Stronger diffusion effect than the Black Mist filter
  • The Hoya White Mist filter diffuses light sources and creates a soft glow effect by reducing contrast areas between highlights and shadows. When compared to other brands, the Hoya Black Mist diffuses similar to filters rated 1/8. It is slightly stronger halation than the Black Mist filter.

    The Hoya White Mist filter is helpful when:

    • Halation / Diffusion of light sources like lamps or headlights
    • “Softening” highlights in an image
    • “Softening” the overall look of a portrait

    Hoya diffusion filters come in sizes Ø49mm - Ø82mm.

    The filter features a lightweight matte-black standard aluminum frame to house the glass and signature Hoya casing.

  • Filter Factor: 0
    Number of Multi-Coatings: 0
    Hardened Top Layer: No
    Anti-Static: No
    Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
    Front Filter Threads: Yes

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