HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit
HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit
HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit
HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit
HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit

HD MKII IRND KIT - (3) Filter ND Kit

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  • IMPROVED Infrared Blocking for extra long exposures
  • IMPROVED ACCU-ND technology prevents color shift
  • NEW Light-leak proof Slim Profile Frame
  • NEW Waterproof / Easy Cleaning Top-Coat
  • Includes 3 Filters + Filter Wallet
  • Great For Still and Video photography


  • 3-stop IRND Neutral Density Filter
  • 6-stop IRND Neutral Density Filter
  • 10-stop IRND Neutral Density Filter
  • HOYA Branded protective wallet 

Precise ND control across Visible and IR Light Spectrum

HOYA's exclusive ACCU-ND technology achieves equal reduction of the light in visible and IR spectrums. As a result, the creator doesn’t experience issues with color shift when using HOYA HD MKII IRND filters in any shooting conditions.

Neutral density filters are important for filmmakers and photographers because they allow you to precisely control the amount of light passing through the lens. For filmmakers, this means shutter speeds that match your frame-rate while maintaining creative depth-of-field control. For photographers, it means longer exposures or shallower depth-of-field in the brightest sunlight conditions.

Low Profile HD Frame

The filter is mounted into a new low-profile, lightweight, precision-milled aluminum frame. The new frame takes extra care to prevent light leaks and bleeding around the filter that can occur during long exposures. It includes front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or a protective lens cap.

AR Multi-coatings with Waterproof and Oil-Repellent Tech

The HD MK II IRND series applies an anti-reflection multi-coating that reduces reflections caused by scattered light rays, which is a serious concern during long exposures. A waterproof and oil repellent top-coat is applied for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Combining, or “stacking,” filters

The choice of ND filters depends on the intentions of the photographer to achieve the desired effect in the final image. If using a single ND filter does not satisfy the demands of the situation, or the photographer's vision, a combination of filters can be useful. For example, the combination of HD MKII IRND 64 + HD MKII IRND 1000 will provide 16 stops of light reduction that will allow to capture the surface of the sun without overexposure.

ND Filter Reference Charts

Filter Factor: 3 stops
Glass Type Hoya Clear
Multi Coatings Yes
Hardened Top Layer: No
Anti-Static: No
Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes

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