ProND 100000 Filter (16 2/3-stops)
Solar Eclipse August 2017
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ProND 100000 Filter (16 2/3-stops)

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  • NOTE: Availability is limited due to upcoming Solar Eclipse. Please check Hoya authorized retailers for additional stock
  • Provides 16 2/3 stops of neutral density filter 
  • Special multi-coating process provides neutral colors and sharp results 
  • Allows for exposures longer than 1 hour in direct sunlight
  • Safe for camera use when shooting short exposures of solar events like an eclipse
  • Not safe for human use when viewing the sun with the naked eye
  • Available in five sizes: 58mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm

With 16 2/3 stops of light reduction the filter yields exposure times of several minutes in bright sunlight. Hoya uses a precise metal vapor deposition process to create the ultra-dark ND effect while maintaining a very neutral color balance for faithful color reproduction at extremely long exposure times. The PRO ND100000 is available in four common filter sizes. If the size is not available to match a particular lens, purchase the next larger size and use an appropriate step-up ring. Step-up rings are available online and at your local camera store.

Caution, Please Read: The Hoya PRO ND100000 is not suitable eye protection for viewing of sun or solar eclipses. Do not look directly or indirectly into the sun without appropriate eye protection. The ND100000 should be installed in front of the camera lens or telescope before trying to align it with the sun. Do not use an optical viewfinder when aligning your camera or telescope with the sun. If the camera has an LCD screen with a live-view feature, use that to align it with the sun and for viewing.

It is possible to damage your camera's sensor if the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Please take extreme caution when photographing the sun.

CLICK HERE for official instruction manual and cautions.

Filter Factor: 16 2/3 stops
Glass Type Hoya Optical
Light Transmission N/A
Hardened Top Layer: No
Anti-Static: No
Frame Construction: Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes