HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)
HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)
HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)
HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)
HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)

HD SQ100 IRND1000 (10-Stop)

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  • IMPROVED ACCU-ND technology prevents color shift
  • Great for long exposures
  • Water repellent coating
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • Stackable without cast or distortions


The HOYA Sq100 Square Filter system offers the premium HD square filter series for long exposure shots. Incorporating the newest state of the art technology, the HD Sq100 IRND1000 filter is a deep density IRND filter, which is recommended for more creative shots that are based on extremely slow shutter speeds. It allows the photographer to capture dramatic unreal fantasy worlds that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Building on the success and history of the HOYA HD series, this series is especially designed for professionals who want to take their photography to the next level.

Photographer: Andrew Leggett
Photographer: Andrew Leggett


Made from toughened glass, the HD Sq100 is designed to endure harsh conditions during travel and adventure. The IRND nano coating for both sides of the clear optical filter glass does not only remove IR contamination, but also creates a truly neutral color balance through its applied ACCU-ND technology. This prevents any noticeable color cast to your images. Additionally, its water repellent and anti-reflection coating drastically minimizes the risk of random light reflections while increasing the light transmittance.

The filter glass is made of 2mm thick, toughened optical glass that provides a four-times stronger durability than common filter glass, making the filter highly recommended for usage even in extreme shooting conditions.


Stacking square filters is extremely convenient due to easy and fast handling and very low risk of vignetting. Stacking ND filters in particular is one of the most common practices in photo shooting, as it allows the photographer to easily create totally new effects in photos. For example, the combination of HD Sq100 IRND8 + HD Sq100 IRND1000 will give the effect equal to ND8000, that allows to capture the surface of the sun without overexposure and with solid color and visibility of the black spots.

Photographer: Andrew Leggett
 Model HOYA HD SQ100 IRND1000
Series SQ100
Type ND
Available Sizes 100x100
Water & Oil Repellent  Yes
Hardened Glass Yes
ND Number (Filter Factor) 1000
Transmittance EV Correction 10-Stops
UPC 0024066072337