HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector
HD3 UV / Protector

HD3 UV / Protector

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  • 4x Harder Optical Glass than traditional filter glass
  • Re-Certified Resolution for 100mp+ Cameras
  • 800% harder surface resists scratching and abrasions
  • Patented Ultra-hard Nano-coating process
  • Superior Resolution and Sharpness
  • Waterproof and Stain-resistant top coat makes it easy to clean
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


Hoya engineers have re-certified the HD3 UV / Protector works with 100mp+ camera sensor without loss of resolution.

They recognized a need for a filter that could meet the demands of super-high-resolution cameras and the needs of photographers who require ultimate protection for their expensive lenses. Utilizing a new patented HMC nano-coating process that applies 32-layers of anti-reflective (AR) coating to its optical ultra-violet (UV) glass, Hoya created a filter that is 5x sharper and a coating that is 800% harder than the award-winning HD2 UV filter.


The HD3 filter yields a light transmission rate of 99.7% and uses the same chemically enhanced 4x harder optical UV glass that made the HD2 filters “The Toughest Filters on the Planet”. The new coating process created a top layer that is more scratch & stain resistant, and water & oil repellant, making it easy to clean when smudges and fingerprints are introduced to the surface.

The filter’s UV properties filter unwanted ultra-violet rays, reducing haze and increasing clarity. This means the filter faithfully maintains the sharpness and clarity of the original lens while protecting it from everyday wear-and-tear and extreme shooting conditions.


The HD3 glass is housed in a one-piece, lightweight, low-profile, aircraft-grade aluminum filter frame. This one-piece design allows the filter to maintain precise parallel alignment to the sensor plane for maximum sharpness and zero distortion. The low-profile design eliminates the concern for vignetting when used on ultra-wide angle lenses, and the front filter threads accept lens caps and other filters for stacking.

Made exclusively in Japan, the new HD3 UV professional filters are manufactured with micro-precision under the strictest quality control to ensure each and every filter meets the demands of working professional photographers and their equipment. For this reason, Kenko Tokina USA, the US distributor for Hoya Filters, provides a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects when purchased from an USA authorized Hoya retailer.

Filter Factor: Zero
Glass Type: 4x Hardened Hoya Optical UV
Light Transmission: 99.7%
Number of Multi-Coatings: 32 Layers / 16 per side
Nano-Coating Technology Yes
Hardened Top Layer: Yes
Anti-Static: No
Black Rimmed Glass Yes
Frame Construction: Press Fit / Low Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes

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