Hoya 80A Filter
Hoya 80A Filter Box
80A Color Conversion

80A Color Conversion

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  • Converts 3200°K light sources to match 5500°K daylight-balanced film
  • Designed for film photographers
  • Produces accurate colors on daylight film when shooting with incandescent lights
  • 6 layers of HMC multi-coating

The 80A color conversion filter transforms the color of the ambient light entering the lens by adding blue to the overall exposure. This helps match the scene to your film's white balance.

The Hoya 80A filter is helpful when:

  • You are using daylight-balanced film (5500°K) and the light source is 3200°K. This commonly occurs indoors.

  • You are shooting with daylight-balanced film at night.

HOYA Multi-Coat (HMC) filters are recommended for enhancing the performance of today’s multicoated lenses. These popular filters minimize reflection, reduce flare and ghosting, and result in over 97% average light transmission.

Comparison of 80 Series Conversions:

FILTER From (light source) To (neutral)
80A 3200°K 5500°K
80B 3400° 5500°K
80C 3800° 5500°K
Filter Factor: 1.3 stops
Glass Type: Hoya Optical
Number of Multi-Coatings: 6 total / 3 each side
Hardened Top Layer: No
Anti-Static: No
Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes