Red Intensifier

Red Intensifier

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  • DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - While Supplies last
  • Reduces "light pollution" by blocking orange/yellow color spikes from city lights
  • Improves contrast between stars and sky
  • Also used to enhance fall colors without effecting green and blue colors
  • The Red Intensifier was replaced by the Starscape Filter

The Hoya Intensifier is a discontinued model that was replaced with the Hoya Starscape. Both versions use the exact same glass and filter frame. The only difference is the packaging and name. The quality, effectiveness, and end result are the same.

Learn more about how the filter works on the Starscapeproduct page

Filter Factor: 0.5 stops
Glass Type: Hoya Didymium
Number of Multi-Coatings: 0
Hardened Top Layer: No
Anti-Static: No
Frame Construction: Low Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes

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