Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density
Solas Variable Neutral Density

Solas Variable Neutral Density

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  • Density Range is 1.3 - 8.7 Stops
  • Patented de-polarization layer maintains color consistency (no color shifting throughout density range)
  • 20 layers of Hoya Multi-Coating (HMC) 
  • Great for still and motion video

The downside to most variable neutral density (fader) filters is unpredictable “color shift”, loss of sharpness, and glare. These deficiencies are caused by low quality glass, bad multi-coating technology, cheap polarizing films, and poor manufacturing. The result is an inexpensive but image degrading product.

Results are straight from camera. Each filter was tested multiple times to ensure focus was accurate and results were fair. Sharpness loss is a result of shooting through 4 layers of glass and 2 polarizing films. Results are a reflection of the quality of materials and multi-coating technology used.

The Hoya SOLAS Variable NDX filter solves these problems by using only the latest technology, premium materials, quality Japanese manufacturing, and attacking “color shift” with an exclusive “de-polarization” layer baked into the optical formula. The result is a filter that maintains consistent color from 1.3-stops to 8.7-stops. Filmmakers can now tweak density as the light changes without fear of color shifting. Photographers can focus, compose, and set white balance at 1.3-stops, then adjust density as much as 8.7 stops without having to change filters.

All filters set to 8-stops. Adjusted for exposure only. Color was not touched in post-processing. Color is straight from camera.

And YES, you can use your original lens cap and most manufacturers’ lens hoods. The lightweight aluminum filter frame has front filter threads so you can attach a lens cap, but more importantly, additional filters when increased density or other special effects are desired.

The filter is only available in 77mm and 82mm because they allow for the greatest amount of precise density control. The “throw,” or rotation, is greater than smaller filters. This makes it easier to achieve an exact density. The filter will also work well on lenses with smaller filter threads by using an inexpensive step-up ring (sold separately).

Filter Factor: ND 2.5 - ND450 (1.3 - 8.7 stops)
Glass Type: Hoya Optical
Light Transmission Variable based on density
Layers of Multi-Coatings: 20 Layers / 10 per side
Hardened Top Layer: No
Anti-Static: No
Black Rimmed Glass: Yes
Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Threads: Yes

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