Sparkle 6 Filter
Sparkle 6 Filter
Sparkle 6 Filter

Sparkle 6 Filter

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  • Creates Mini-Stars from small Pinpoint Light sources
  • Produces smaller stars than traditional Star Filters
  • Rotating outside ring allows control of star points direction
  • Filters Softening Effect creates a beautiful warm glow

The Hoya Sparkle filter utilizes a new multi-coating process and etching pattern that limits the size of the star points to give it a more natural look than traditional Star Filters. The filter is more sensitive to very small light sources like stars making it an excellent choice for astrophotographers looking for a different and more creative look.  Traditional cross filters tend to lengthen the light beams from sources, creating dense illuminations that lead to overloaded imagery. The moderation of these beams is what makes the Hoya Sparkle unique. 

Traditional cross filters do not control the length of the light beams, so the brighter the light source the longer the beams. This can create overwhelming and unnatural star effects. The moderation of these beams is what makes the Hoya Sparkle filter unique. 

The filter's rotating frame lets you control the direction of the points emanating from light sources. The knurling on the frame make it easy to attach and remove from your lens and is matte black to minimize unwanted reflections and ghosting.

Like all star filters, the Sparkle filter softens and reduces contrast in the image. The effect can be compared to a soft diffusion filter, and affects the whole image making it a fun option for diffusion even when Pinpoint light sources are not in your picture. 

*Results will vary when using this filter, and depends on available light sources and environmental conditions. 

Hoya Clear
Slim Profile / Aluminum

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