SQ100 86mm Polarizer
SQ100 86mm Polarizer
SQ100 86mm Polarizer

SQ100 86mm Polarizer

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  • Water repellent coating/li>
  • Oil repellent coating
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • Super high transparent PL Film

The HOYA Sq100 polarizer can be rotated inside the frame to control light reflections and color saturation. With its large diameter of 86mm, the polarizer filter won't cause any vignetting with most lenses. HOYA's special water repellent multi-coating is applied to the polarizer's optical glass, making cleaning easy and stress-free.

The polarizer adopts a high transparency polarizing film for fast shutter speed. This translates to no less than nearly 1/2 stop more light entering the lens while yielding the same polarization effect. An absolute advantage for shooting in low light conditions.

For using the polarizer, screw it into the geared adapter and attach the geared adapter to the lens. Attach the HOYA Sq100 holder to the geared adapter so that the geared wheel come into the contact with the gear of the geared adapter.


Model HOYA SQ100 Polarizer
Series SQ100
Type PL
Available Sizes 86mm
Coating Layers 8 Layers
Anti-Reflection Coating Yes
Water & Oil Repellent Coating Yes
Stain Resistent Yes
Super High Transparent PL Film Yes
UV Cut Ability Yes
ND Number (Filter Factor) 2.2
Transmittance EV Correction 1-Stop
Frame Material  Aluminum
UPC 0024066072375